Founder 1: ahahah
  is an incredible awesome intellectual
  who does not take shit
  i am so into rahm btw
Founder 2: hahaha
Founder 1: do you think there will be a Chuck Norris-style internet meme starring rahm emanuel?
  Rahm Emanuel slays grizzly bears on his lunch hour
Founder 2: oooh!
  that is a great idea
  it would take that dumbass shit that all the conservative college students amused themselves with
  during the darkest years of our nation's modern history and reclaim it for the new age of hope, reason, and truth
Founder 1: hahahah
  that too
  [Founder 3] sez: you could make a meme of that nature using only actual things that rahm really did!
Founder 2: hahaha
  ok that's actually perfect
  hey, if you and [Founder 3] came up with a bunch of rahm emanuel facts, maybe 20, i'd design the site
Founder 1: yeah word

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