This fact, like all Rahm Emanuel Facts, is 100% true! According to The Times of London:

Rahm Emanuel, who will be Barack Obama's chief of staff, is a flesh-and-blood legend in a political party where art imitates life only until life starts imitating art.

Mr Emanuel was the model for Josh Lyman, the brilliant, controversial deputy chief of staff in President Bartlet's administration in the hit series The West Wing. This came about because Josh was created by Aaron Sorkin and played by Bradley Whitford, both of whom are clients of the powerful Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel, Rahm's brother. [...]

Like Josh, he worked on his president's first victorious campaign. After his win in 1992, Bill Clinton recalled: "My first impression was, 'This guy is going to help us win'. And he did. I doubt we could have done it without him." As President Clinton's political director, Mr Emanuel's style upset a lot of people and he made mistakes that led to his being demoted, apparently at the behest of Hillary Clinton. Chastened, he stayed on and worked his way back into favour.

Josh, too, lost some power and influence after making a mistake early on. He, too, recovered. But in his case the First Lady persuaded the President to bring him in from the cold. The real aide and his fictional counterpart are both tough, fast-talking Jewish men.

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