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Does Gin Go Bad?

I’m not a big fan of alcohol nor do I know much about spirits or gin. But I have a bottle of gin that my boyfriend brought into the apartment, I don’t drink much but sometimes, I need to get off some steam.

That sometime was Today, and the drink has been in my cabinet for over 8 months, Does gin go bad? I was curious and decided to ask questions, which led me to the conclusion that gins don’t go bad or expire.

Does Gin Deteriorate With Age?

Well, I do not think that your beloved Gin can become the best Gin or better still, turn into something else even after 20yrs Unlike wine that appreciates in value because they have better taste even after decades and centuries, Gin in bottles or any gin at all does not improve with age. In other words, it would be useless to hold onto the gin in the hopes that it will get better with age.

However, that Gin does not taste better with age, does not mean to say that it deteriorates either, as unopened gin has a shelf life of several years. So long as it has been sealed properly, it will probably taste exactly the same way it tasted 3 years ago.

Does Gin Go Bad

does gin go bad

No, or at least to the best of my knowledge, gin does not go bad, and neither does it expire.

Gin bottles do not have an expiration date, which indicates that the alcohol will not spoil as long as the bottle is unopened. This is true, especially when you don’t leave it in a south-facing window or on top of a radiator. In general, if you keep unopened gin away from sources of heat and light, it should be fine.

Due to the high alcohol content of gin, fungi and bacteria cannot grow there,  plus the majority of hard liquors also don’t contain a lot of sugar, so the oxidation process isn’t at risk.

It has long been known that alcohol is one of the best preservatives available. We use alcohol for our foods, and cakes, for medicinal benefits, and even for embalming bodies for a long period.

What Happens If You Drink Bad Gin

Well, The main question should be does gin go bad? The words gin and bad do not and should not go together in the same sentence. I still have a bottle of Gordon gin that my Father got in 2018, laying there in the cabinet, the taste did not change, and neither did he fall ill whenever he poured himself a glass.

So you may be wondering what happens if you drink bad gin, well this is concentrated alcohol on its own,  and it is even used as a preservative in many products, going bad or hurting you it’s not an option and as long as you take it in moderation, Gin won’t spoil and will still be completely safe to consume, So nothing will happen to you if you drink the old gin you have at home. The worst that can happen is that you may have lost some flavor nuance, intensity, or alcoholic strength, which could cause it to taste slightly different from a recently opened bottle.

How To Know That Gin Is Bad

We mentioned that gin doesn’t go bad, neither does it expire and because of its long shelf life, it can remain consumable indefinitely. However, that the shelf life of gin is long or the fact that it does not expire as fast as other food products, does not mean that if your gin has stayed for too long at home, you shouldn’t have doubts about if it is still good or not.

Since Gin hardly gets bad, there are a few ways we can identify if its bad or not;

Unusual Smell

Pour some gin into a glass and take a whiff to check the quality before deciding to consume the gin that has been sitting in your pantry for months. It would be best to get rid of the spirit if you notice that it smells strange because its flavor would be just as revolting.

Just in case your drink does not fail its smell test, You can take a tiny sip to assess the flavor and drinkability of the months-old gin. You can probably keep the bottle for longer if it tastes good. Mixing the spirit with tonic water is a great way to improve the taste and quality of your gin of it does not smell bad.

Particles in the drink

Asking does gin go bad is not where you stop,  another way to know the answer to your question is by checking the looks of the spirit. Before you decide to pour a glass for yourself or your guests, check the spirit for any unwanted particles floating in it especially when you can’t seem to remember how long your gin has been sitting in the liquor cabinet. Gin should always be transparent and refined.

Does Gin Go Bad Unopened

Just in case you go to the store and search for an expiration date, or best-before date, you will find nothing; because neither the manufacturers feel the need to print one for the consumer nor is it required by law to do so. Gin will almost always remain as fresh as the day you bought it if it is kept in the right conditions and isn’t opened.

Gin that hasn’t been opened will continue to be fine for years. An unopened bottle of gin should continue to taste largely the same as the day you first purchased it as long as the seal is intact. Like we said at the beginning of this article, it’s important to keep in mind that once the spirit has been bottled, it does not age in any way whatsoever, so don’t save that liquor bottle in the hopes that it will get better with age. To put it simply, unlike wine, bottled gin won’t get better with age.

Does Gin Go Bad After Opening

No, gin does not just go bad when it has been opened, the flavor might be different but the changes are not that dramatic. There’s what we refer to as the oxidation process which begins as soon as a gin bottle is opened, this process is what causes the flavor compounds to degrade over time. This is why opened gin that has been sitting in your pantry for a while has probably lost some of its flavors, however,  it doesn’t mean that the drink is bad.

Can Gin Freeze

The quick response is no unless you have access to liquid nitrogen. Gin doesn’t freeze because it has an ABV of at least 37.5%, which is too high to turn into ice at the temperatures that a typical household freezer can reach.

Gin should still be kept in the freezer, though! The viscosity (thickness) of a liquid increase as a result of a decrease in temperature, which enhances the texture of the gin.

Some of the best cocktail bars in the world, such as Dukes Bar in London, keep their gin and martini glasses in the freezer and take great pride in crafting the ideal gin martini.

Another good reason for putting gin in the freezer is that it helps the drink away from heat and light which can ruin most spirits. When served ice cold and straight from the freezer. Gin drinkers who prefer to sip it neat or over ice frequently keep their bottles of gin in the freezer or place them there an hour before serving because the cooler temperature mellows the harshness of the alcohol.

Can Gin Go Bad In Heat

Whether you are using your gin or alcohol to cook or even relax, aside from asking does gin go bad? , another question that could be on your mind is Can gin go bad in heat? Well, the answer is No, gin does not mind the temperature in which you store them, so storing it in a warm place will not make it go bad.

A majority of alcoholic beverages are created by heating the raw materials. For instance, the beer must be fermented and stored in a warm environment, for the yeast to function. Similar to this, many spirits are produced at higher temperatures. The only thing that may affect them is the oxidation process. Similar to water, it will oxidize more quickly in the heat. Water evaporates less quickly than alcohol.

Whether the bottle of gin is open or closed, heat and light will cause chemical changes, and heat in particular will cause the alcohol to evaporate rather than go bad.

How To Store Gin For A Longer Period

To preserve the flavor and aroma of your gin for as long as possible, follow these storage tips:

Keep the gin sealed until you’re ready to drink it

Keep your gin as cold as you can; 6°C is the ideal temperature.

To shield it from harmful UV rays, store gin in the shadows, or dark cabinets and rooms.

If a natural cork is used, keep your gin bottles upright. The cork may partially dissolve into the gin if the corked bottles are laid on their side due to the alcohol, giving the gin an unpleasant flavor.

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